Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Hi! Tell us who you are, where you're from!
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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

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Hi there,

Nico from Belgium (yes, beers, wafels, chocolate, ;-)
Musician and beatmaker, member of Drum 'n Bass band Opticks (www.opticksofficial.com).
Also teacher in music for games, electronic music in general.
We did a Walking Dead Theme remix few months ago as we are biiiig fans of the TV show AND the music theme from Bear.

Have a nice day everyone :-)


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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by sommerC130 »

Evening, everyone! Greetings from Fargo, North Dakota! Been a big fan of Mr. McCreary for a long time, and music scores of television and films in general. Music makes the show, and even if I haven't a lick of musical talent, I know how to appreciate excellence. Spent today listening to The Walking Dead soundtrack and the live album from Hans Zimmer's Prague concert. Looking forward to reading and listening!

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by ny_scouse »

Greetings from Buffalo in Western New York. My name is Steve, and I'm originally from Liverpool England. Have been a fan since the first time I heard the BSG scores, which I still listen to several times a month while working. In fact, most of what I listen to are scores, which I'm sure is the same for many around here. Have been a guitarist for 30 years (back in the 90s played in a band that opened for acts such as Whitesnake, Dio etc and had a vid on MTV Europe metal show) and after a long hiatus and some inspiration from Bear and some of his contemporaries am now back to doing some composition/recording at home. Have had the pleasure to meet Bear at Galacticon in Houston and Magfest in DC. Look forward to seeing some other appearances.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by worldofwandag »

Hi Folks,

My name is Wandag, first name Worldof. I'm a composer that's written music for Insomniac Games, EA, and other indie games. Got a few features on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Like all of you, a big fan of Bear's. Really dig the work you did on AGENTS for the Framework theme as well as Kasius's theme along with his minion's theme which had that Jaws feel to it. My girlfriend and I kept humming that song and adding hip hop vulgarities where all the rests land lol. Good times. Great themes! Love your work man.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by mrsnjband »

Hi Bear,
I am Norma Morey and I am from St. Joseph Missouri, USA! I have recently gotten hooked on Outlander. While the drama is awesome it was your music that really piqued my interest as I am musician. I play the french horn & about anything else I can get in my hands. I have taught music for 25 years & recently retired.
I LOVE your music in Outlander, Iove how you chance up the arrangements of the theme. You are one talented man! I love how characters have themes & how you weave them all together. Your music adds to the drama that is portrayed on the screne. Please don't stop because you are extremely talented! Thank you for all the hard work you do!

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by leifj2009 »

I'm Leif Sanchez, and I'm from Redlands, CA. I'm new to your forum, and I enjoyed your music, bear. My favorite music by you, is the god of war, and my favorite track is atomic al's merry melody. Who would have know that you love carl stalling style music. Perhaps you should join writing music for Animaniacs.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by cowolter »

My name is Alex and I am from Clifton, US. I just bought the score of Outlander, and I barely wait to listen to the cd.
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