Name some of your favorite BSG songs

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Re: Name some of your favorite BSG songs

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Hi musicpaladin2007.

Listening to it more closely, I think you might be right - it does sound very much like a "mash up" between the two scores.

I'm not sure about legalities here, so by all means remove any links that are against the rules, but the bit I'm referring to is this:

That's the clip from the episode.

Here's the clip from the piece "Worthy of Survival"

That is my all time favourite "clip" of music from the show. I find it ... "beautiful". The strings just so eloquently come out of the blue. So I see it's the same piece as I thought, and separate entirely from the "Storming of New Caprica" score... however, I have to say, it just seemed so "right". So "Triumphant", in its own way, against the backdrop of Taikos - a change of mood, so to speak. Well, whether it was Bear's idea or the studio or the editors or whatever - I think the episode is better off with it, than without, in my opinion.

I've figured out the notes on my pathetic treble recorder - Unfortunately for me (and it's been many years), it appears to be done in a "base note" of D, and the recorder is based on C... much to my annoyance, because I can do nearly all of it except the lowest notes (and those are the best ones!). Stupid recorders. Oh well, waiting on that Clarinet, I know that can do it. And by god, I'll do it loudly and proudly! :D

Question: Can a "Tenor" recorder cover those first few low notes?

I'll record myself maybe tomorrow attempting it - I just... you know what, f**k you, Bear, you make such beautiful music, and I can't do it with what I have :p

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Damn you, Bear.  KEEP WORKING ON THAT CLARINET!  The Music will shift octave as soon as we learn the instrument!

Thank you, Bear.

(get it?) :p

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Re: Name some of your favorite BSG songs

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Aha, I knew it was here somewhere.

I found the following as a comment thread on Bear's blog entry for the Season 3 Album release:
defiant says:

Just curious: some of the music in “Storming New Caprica” differs from the TV version. At the point where Adama has decided he’s a dead man (just before Pegasus turns up) in the TV version, the music sounds very similar to Season 1′s “Bloodshed”. The version on the CD does not share this similarity. Any reason for the change?
Bear McCreary says:

Defiant… Good questionl. Listen carefully to the television version in that exact moment and you’ll hear it’s simply a snippet from “Bloodshed” from the Season 1 soundtrack album. This is what we in the biz call “Temp Love;” it’s a situation where the producer fell in love with the temporary music the editor placed in there and couldn’t like anything I wrote there, no matter how similiar it may be. So, the album contains the music that I actually wrote for that sequence, which you can hear is very similiar anyway.

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Re: Name some of your favorite BSG songs

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- Prelude to War
- Gentle Execution
- Olympic Carrier
- Black Market
- Kara Remembers
- Starbuck Takes on all Eight
- Wayward Soldier
- Storming New Caprica
- Battle on the Red Moon
- Baltar Panics

These are the first that come to mind, I will probably remember more, which would warrant an edition of this post; but let us assume that these are it.

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