Use of BSG themes in other works

Battlestar Galactica
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Use of BSG themes in other works

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Hi all - I was curious if anyone knew about the copyright status of the BSG music. I've spent some time looking around the web for it, but have not turned it up. I'm motivated by the desire to use two tracks ("Starbuck on the Red Moon" and "Roslin and Adama") in a splashy animation of the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Entry/Decent/Landing sequence, which is happening in about four days time. This landing sequence is spectacular, and the BSG music is extremely well suited for it. Also, its a car-sized, nuclear-powered, laser-wielding space robot - how can I NOT associate BSG with it?

However, without knowing the appropriate channels for copyright approval (unless the tracks are in the Creative Commons, but I don't think this is the case) I don't intend to release the MSL/BSG video into the wild.

Any thoughts or information are most welcome!

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Re: Use of BSG themes in other works

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Sorry, I didn't get to this in time.

The copyright holder for all "BSG" music is NBC Universal.

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