black sails theme song similar to "Tabernacle 2" by Loka?I

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black sails theme song similar to "Tabernacle 2" by Loka?I

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Hi all,

Although I've been a fan of Bear's music for a long time I haven't felt the need to ask a question until today.

Today, I had my music collection on random play and cranked up so I could hear it in a different room where i was working. i wasn't really paying attention at first but then something really caught my ear and I thought, "Hmm, I know I haven't got the Black Sails theme song. What's playing?"

It was "Tabernacle 2" by Loka on a compilation album "Zenternainment 2006". To me the melody and accompaniment are really quite similar. At first listen (only the first!) it was as if one was a remix of the other. On second listening it's obvious it's not just a remix but certainly could be a "remake."

So my question: Has anybody else noticed this? Or am I in left field? Or (directed more at Bear than anyone else) is there a connection between them?


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