Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Hi! Tell us who you are, where you're from!
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Bear McCreary
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Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by Bear McCreary »

I'll get this one started. I'm Bear McCreary, from Bellingham, WA originally, but now living in Los Angeles. Previous residences have included Caprica City, Eureka, Zombie-Infested Georgia and the Battle-Ravaged Future. :)

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by Plainsong »

I think I saw you on the Galactica too..

My name is Kim, I'm from Charleston, SC but I've lived in Helsinki, Finland for a good long while now. My husband's middle name is the Swedish word for bear, but he does not play accordion.

I found out about the new forum right when iTunes decided to cue up some Human Target, so that's the forum's theme in my mind. :geek:

I'll just sit over here in this corner with my ukulele... :oops:

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by lauraroslin »

I'm Shandra. Born and raised in Colorado, currently living in Fort Collins. Huge BSG fan, obviously. Most of the time I work, but in my free time you'd find me with my nose in a book. I love Orange Crush, and my puppy Sam.
- Shandra

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by musicpaladin2007 »

Hello all!

My name is Scott, I'm also from Charleston, SC... still living in Charleston but soon to be relocating to zombie infested Atlanta with my fiancé (as soon as I can find a job there...).

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by vicmackey187 »

I'm Steve, and I'm from the home of the modern Zombie, Pittsburgh PA. Been a soundtrack aficionado since John Willliams reappropriated Korngold back in '77, and its' been "what's that music you're listening to??" ever since :D

Adam Bailey
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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by Adam Bailey »


I am Adam Bailey. I'm an undergrad studying film and creative writing and, in my spare time, an independent filmmaker.

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana but am currently residing in Muncie.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by AdamCarlo »

Hi everyone, I'm Adam Carlo. I was born in NYC but have lived in Miami, FL since I was 4. I work in Information Technology for the University of Miami medical school.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by Lex »

Hi there!

I'm René. I live in Goch, Germany, a small town about 60 miles north of Cologne. I'm a big fan of BSG, Caprica, Trauma and Human Target. I haven't seen Walking Dead and The Cape, but that's on my to do list.

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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by Skating_Lientje »

Hi, my name is Elin and I live in Lokeren (Belgium). I am currently in the process of finishing my PhD in Geology, while also working full time as a data validator/forecaster of gauge heights of navigale rivers in Flanders. Let's just say that I won't be very active on this board when Belgium is being flooded :mrgreen: .
Other then that I'm a film music lover, who used to be quite an active ice dancer (boy, do they use loads of film scores as music for figure skating routines) and I am currently a passionate Argentine tango dancer.
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Re: Who I Am, Where I'm From!

Post by D2therJ »


I'm D2therJ. A beat maker/musician from Australia. I've loved bears work ever since I saw the BSG reboot in 04.

I've done work with a few artists/networks that are known. Soulja Boy, Kid Ink, Project Runway (CW network) & soon Masspike miles.

I hope to get to know you all.

Professional Goon / Pastry Enthusiast I also make beats

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