When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

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When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by Lex »

What brought you to Bear's music? Battlestar Galactica? Or something different? So basically... how did you end up here, in this little corner of the internet? Share some stories, if you like.

My story: I'll start at the very beginning. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. Nah wait, wrong beginning.
It was a cold summer night in 2003, when I read that somebody wants to reimagine one of my favorite childhood shows, Battlestar Galactica. Some guy named Moore. Deep Space Nine Moore? The very same.

First I thought it was a bad idea, because I loved Hatch's trailer for The Second coming and I knew this project would kill it for good. But I'm open for new things, so I watched Moore's version as soon as possible. Long story short: I completely fell in love with the mini series and when they green-lighted a whole season I was a VERY happy camper.

And then, some episodes into season one, a buddy of mine asked me if I'd help him to establish Germanys biggest, shiniest, best (and only) BSG fan page. So I became admin of Caprica City, and therefore very involved into the show.

For me one of the coolest things of Moores reimagination was the music. It was so drastically different from the original, but sooo good. Loved the drums during space battles. I've heard of Richard Gibbs, who scored the mini series. But who's this Bear-guy who took over in Season one? This guy is my age (I always imagined composers as kind of old, don't know why) and he scores one of the coolest TV shows I've ever seen? He's good! So I bought the soundtrack and played it a lot.

And then he took over another show I really liked, Eureka. And Terminator SCC with one of my favourite actresses, Summer Glau? I HAD to become a fan of his work and get all of his CDs. Even the three horror scores were great, and I don't like horror at all.

Working on a fan page has many advantages. One is that you get the chance to talk to actors and staff. Those are all great persons, but, hands down, the nicest one was Bear. Such a nice, friendly and open person, who really took his time and spend a whole afternoon with us and even sat down on the piano to give us a taste of the brand new Caprica main theme.

So long story short: Nice guy, great composer, that's why I'm here.

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by AdamCarlo »

My introduction to Bear was with BSG. I will also say that I have never felt compelled to buy the soundtracks for ANY tv show until I heard Bear's music for BSG. In my opinion, it's utterly brilliant work. Oh, and his score for Caprica is brilliant too. :)

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by BlueyMcPhluey »

I believe it was through BSG! As a rule I'm a bit of a tv/film score nut (no other genre really hits the spot, I can't explain it :P) but it was around 'passacaglia' that I realised I was on to something really special

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by wloczynet »

Well, it was BSG. I loved the pilot (scored mostly by Richard Gibbs) - it sounded so empty, off-world... I loved it. And then - 4 next seasons (+Razor, Tha Plan) which sounded so familiar. Two completely different syles, but both sounded well in BSG.

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by BadgerBrock »

The first of Bear's works that I ever heard was the BSG soundtrack. I came across it while watching Liquid'TLO stream his Starcraft II practice; it was playing in the background for a while. I though to myself, “an orchestra with bagpipes and taiko drums! By all that is good and sweet in Odin’s beard, this is awesome!” I went on to watch the show because of hearing the soundtrack (and Edward James Olmos and crew did not disappoint). Soon after, I became an avid fan and got the entire BSG soundtrack. Today, “Prelude to War” is on my exclusive “Perfect Compositions" Playlist :D .

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by The Virginian »

Oh yeah, BSG. It simply doesn't get any better than that.

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by Harrison5 »

BSG got me TOTALLY hooked on Bear's music. I've been listening to it (and almost EVERYDAY) ever since. I've also been sharing it with others and I think I've even gotten a few of them hooked on it as well.
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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by Mal027 »

It was Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles for me. I listen to that score regularly. I started watching BSG because of Bear's music afterward, and I love that score too. :D

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by Bear McCreary »

Lots of love for BSG. Nice to see some TTSCC fans too. :)

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Re: When did you first hear one of Bear's scores?

Post by jd2607 »

The first of Bear's scores that I heard was TSCC, being a fan of the Terminator franchise (well, mostly 1 and 2) I figured I'd check it out and honestly, I expected it to be terrible but I gave it a go anyway. It's one of my favourite TV shows now. I loved the performances from the four main actors and I was glad that the music had the right sort of vibe for the Terminator series, with a lot of strings, percussion and synth sounds. (I even noticed that Bear's Sarah Connor theme and the original Terminator theme open with the same ascending note intervals - root, major second, minor third).

I did my googling and found Battlestar and from there, Eureka and then I followed to Trauma, Human Target, The Cape, The Walking Dead and Caprica.

To this day, the TSCC score is still one my favourite of Bear's scores. I had it on while I was coming home from work today. Made the taxi ride home so much more enjoyable.

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