The Walking Dead forum reception

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead forum reception

Post by Conor17777 »

so now that season 3 has had its midseason finale, and that there is going to be a lengthy break, i thought i would be good to have a quick topic, something where we can formulate our opinions of season 3 and then compare it to season 1/2.
for instance i think season 3 was on par with season 1, great screenplay, awesome music, but in my opinion season 2 kinda sucked because it had great music but no backing screenplay and not enough "combat" for my liking.
so what did you all think?

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Re: The Walking Dead forum reception

Post by Broken Cylon »

Hello, great topic, btw...I feared for Se02 (which was the entire future of the show to me, at the time) when I read that amc let go of Frank Durabont after Se01...imo certain production aspects of Se02 felt a little watered down compared to Se01, but I did have to remind myself that they only had 6 episodes in Se01 & went full throttle in each/every one, which made an incredible first impression...Se02 had more than double the episodes & I'm fairly certain that "full throttle" wasn't an option budget wise, but I did really like the story & when things did happen they really happened, so it was like getting two seasons in one when factoring in the mid-season break (coincidentally, the first time I saw that done was BSG Se3.0 & Se3.5, now that appears to be the new standard on many a drama type program)...forward to Se3.0 where amc definitely knows they have a hit on their hands (don't see any other shows on their roster w/it's own talk show) : things seem to be a lot more exciting, picking up momentum w/each episode & now rolling like a freight train into Se3.5...old one'eye doesn't really have to hide that he's a sicko anymore, Merle got his favorite attachment removed from his Swiss Army nub & team Rick looks like they finally gained some seasoned vets in the draft pick...

& I indeed agree that Se02's score was awesome, as was the inclusion of tracks "Civilian" & "Drivers Seat" (I almost forgot about that last one, took me right back to '78/'79)...

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Re: The Walking Dead forum reception

Post by Orneon »

I will be extremely short :
- I think Season 1 was awesome
- I think Season 2 was even better
- I think Season 3 is even even fucking even better

So far this season is the best imho and I love it !

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