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faq-q.jpgHow do I create an account to log in and leave comments?

faq-a.jpgClick on this link to create a username and password.

faq-q.jpgIs it okay if I use a song from one of your albums in my short film / video game / documentary?

faq-a.jpgAs always, I’m flattered that my music may be of use to independent film and media projects. However, the copyright is held by the respective film studios that produced the series.  Official requests must got through their music licensing departments. Getting my “permission” to use the music has no impact.

faq-q.jpgWhere can I order sheet music for your music?

faq-a.jpg“Battlestar Galactica” sheet music is available here.  Future releases are not currently slated, but check back for updates on this topic soon.

faq-q.jpgWhen is the next live “Galactica” concert?

faq-a.jpg Nothing is currently scheduled.  Check back soon for updates.

faq-q.jpgIs it okay if I play a song from Battlestar Galactica at my Wedding / Funeral / Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah / Divorce?


    faq-q.jpgI want to marry you. How can this be arranged?

    faq-a.jpgI’m sorry.  That position has been recently filled.

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